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Sep 19

AHHH ITS SO FUN! I want Lucario, he was my main in SSBB

SSB3DS Demo Out Now!

2 Hours until SSB3DS Demo goes live

if anyone was interested

Well, everyone else is making “Read More” posts, so…

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Sep 17

Anonymous said: How come we barely/never see nsfw from you ? I'd like to and I bet some others might too ?

Maybe there’s a secret nsfw blog that has all of that? Or maybe that blog hasn’t been updated in a year anyway?

From last night’s stream

From last night’s stream

Last night’s Tell Wat I Do Draw was pretty successful! For those who don’t know, it’s where I take multiple sketch requests at once and combine them into one sketch. For example, Hoshii Miki + humanized Applejack + Big Mac created the first picture in that series. I’ll take about 4 of the first requests I get (granted I know/can easily find the references).

That being said, I think I’ll be donig this again!